glory be to he who screams back at me
from birth, but who abandons at death
controller contorter sweet genesis of truth
untold lies he speaks through me

the gaping rift he cordons off
rich treasures he promises off
incipiT life for what else is there
that nature calls forth from us?

to succumb and to kneel he beckons
so the I is no longer more
everlaSting peace is in, on his
grandeur scheme forever more

no respite we have to wave
our choices to make A way
to be and not to be are his alone
the flaming pit, life's grandiose hole

in death he laughs for a life is wasted
or spent in the greater good of mankind
crumbs we get from the great beyond
eating, sleeping, doing, making

to save you? but you're already saved
give over body mind and soul!
and when they call your name do you obey
or is there a more wholesome way to stay?

my tiny sword now doesn't break
as his flaming sword crashes down on me
there I stAnd in his great hall
very much at his beck and call

when I turn my back I now know
that his flaming sword can pierce me No more
for if I die he dies with me
another wasted opportunity

friends we are in life till the very end
maybe for a time less than that, I know not
but today we stand together, hopefully
for I am no longer tempted by death