Valentine's Day

It was just an everyday and after a tiring day at work I settled down comfortably on the bed. The venue was different but the place was the same - as usual. Even before I took it upon myself to get there, the destination had already arrived. The world always slows down (and in rare cases speeds up) as I wade through the path to get to the place and today was no different. Intuitively though, I had foreseen a strange sense of easiness and calm for what may or may not be a fruitful exercise in love.

The usual cantankerous racket that always proceeded my entering the place was absent, however there pervaded in that space an ominous positivity. Since positivity and negativity are both perceived only by the depraved, I decided to get closer - and there they all stood - smiling.

In a world wrought with barrenness and despair it was uncanny to see them all united and happy. A bit flummoxed, I was a tad bit distraught at seeing the abnormal but very soon I was with them, one amongst them.

The place is usually dark - as it should be, but there emanated a strange warmth in the place that previously was used as an interrogation chamber. That elusive purple sunflower that I had been wrestling with my whole life decided to show itself and from the floor brought along with it a man sized light bulb, the warmth from which was shared and welcomed by everyone. There was truth everywhere.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun my brother decided to show up! He was late as usual with  fire emanating from him as he flew down, dressed sharply in his Westwood suit. Always critical, previously a king and being one of the first ones there, he has been very cooperative and accepting of the rest of them. He watched on with the suspicious curiosity so characteristic of him and I sensed from him the same sense of urgency that I too share, not wanting to hurt my feelings though he keeps it carefully hidden.

She was present as well, elusive and mysterious as always. I must confess that I noticed her late but she didn't seem to mind - she was probably used to it. What was strange however was that she didn't share in the light that the purple flower had brought but seemed as though she was rather expecting it. I'm more or less certain now that she won't survive in too many places but that space that we all shared was permissible to her. I remember seeing her in her natural residing place though, the place where she had warned me about flight. She seemed comfortable enough there but a bit annoyed at not being payed enough attention, most likely.

"Happy Valentine's Day"