Anima - I

[Unedited, unabridged, that was the deal]
[This is not poetry, this is communication. I did not write this]

Dearest bride to be, now everlast
born of the same womb, till death do us apart
Shine you now in the pale moonlight,
our souls entwined, our pain, aghast

Like the neverwinter, the icy chill
of distant lands from lonely window sills,
Persephone or Sita, the soul of nigredal night,
you taunt and scream for me to come out

Fight for me beloved, fight for me my love!
for heaven's fury has leant thou a blow
For he who crawls and he who screams,
the shadow's curse shall befall thee!

Swim with me in the deep dark water,
of mermaids and fishes and paths beyonder
Nigredo crawls, nigredo screams,
we run with you, run to the sea

Majestic queen always unknown,
why do you play games with me, oh goddess home?
I shall play with you, play with you forever,
for you and I we're in this together

Like a prayer you sing to me,
when I'm the one who wants you more
Oh little boy, when will you grow up
for I've waited, waited too long

Kiss me, embrace me and then let me go
for you and I are already so
I am you for we are one,
yet coiled like the snakes of caduceus

If words don't satiate but they will have to do,
to tell you goodbye oh so soon.
With sadness I wish you the best
but you hold me close as I sink in your chest

Are we in love? Oh who are you?
I thought I knew, now I don't want you
Get away filthy scum, your hands are dirty!
for I'm still waiting for the kingdom come

Death, death! He wants me, he wants me,
only you oh noble one can even save me
Carry me, whisk me away,
so the evil shadow doesn't catch us

But who are you? Are you my child?
You are so different now, have we met before?
I was alone and confused, but now you're here
You make me think, the haze disappears

Eternal mystery you are to me boy,
am I your mother or your love child?
I hate you and I love you, for you are a man
and I am a cowardly princess from a far away land

We'll build a house, we'll burn some sticks,
you pray for me, watch over me until I undress
But something comes over you as the night falls,
I fear not if the shadow walks through these halls

There is a stillness between us, nature's bond
to keep us apart for shallow beings we are
Build a bridge, build a bridge now!
Before its too late before you're too old!

Oh my old man, we're so alike,
you and I are one, we always were one
I am blind, I can never see,
I think a little... so sorry, let me be

I regress now back to my nascent state,
I'll pray for you, keep away the goddess of hate
Sleep my child for tomorrow, you and I
will be together again, for ever more...