The Value Of 1 Rupee

Re 1 doesn't seem to have much value these days. Beggars re-beg at me when I give them a  1 Rupee Coin, the bus conductor no longer deals with odd numbers for change and the price of a half coffee got upped from Rs.5/- to Rs.6/-, Rs.8/- or Rs.10/-

But there is one object that still stands tall in the land of the 1 Rupee Coin - The Matchbox.

The matchbox stands tall as probably THE commodity that provides the most value for money in the Indian market. Densely packed, there are at least 30 matchsticks in a matchbox! I am regularly asked to procure these for my smoking friends and the amount of value 1 matchbox brings never ceases to amaze me. Fire, being one of mankind's greatest friends finds its origin in modern life largely with the matchbox. Smokers use its contents to light cigarettes, slum dwellers to light their kerosene lamps and EVERYBODY uses them to bring light during blackouts.

Is 1 Rupee really that invaluable?

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