The Thayir Sadam (Curd Rice) Test

Deciding on a life partner can be a daunting task. It is filled with doubts and apprehensions of failed expectations or falling short of expectations. In my case I was filled with self doubt and suffered from low self esteem while approaching matters of the heart and never had the guts to express myself to the girl of my dreams. Unfortunately for me, her name was Heidi Klum.

But all my doubts melted away when I stumbled upon 'The Thayir Sadam Test'! For the uninitiated, Thayir Sadam is Curd Rice in Tamil. It is a popular dish in South India and is eaten during most meals. So if Heidi Klum and I were ever to get together, we would have to, at some point, end up sharing a meal consisting of thayir sadam.

Now, take a deep breath, the test can be stated as below:

"Imagine a romantic candle lit dinner with the girl/guy of your dreams. Your partner is looking as gorgeous as ever as you look deep into each other's eye and feel that special connection. You feel the tension heighten and your heart rate quicken as his/her very presence takes over your entire being and your head starts to spin. The two of you, lost in each other's gazes then slowly move towards each other till you can feel your partner's breathe on your cheeks. And in this magical moment your partner's face slowly turns sideways and as he/shes opens their mouth to make that kiss you see the small pieces of thayir sadam stuck in the braces between his/her teeth and a couple of them fall off and onto the table below........."

Does that snap you out of reality? Did that make you feel oddly disgusted? If so, he/she failed the Thayir Sadam test.

If your partner passes the test however, marry him/her.

P.S. This post was inspired by deep and meaningful conversations about life, the universe and everything with Rohit Ramachandran, the world's greatest troll