A Secret Place

"There's a secret place I like to go,
Everyone is there but their face don't show..

Welcome to my hide away, my secret place,
How I arrived I can't explain..."

sang Dave Mustaine on the song of the same title. To me the song was about a place where one can be alone, spending time with his or own thoughts peacefully - A place truly secret and completely one's own

I have read many an account of retreating to their "secret places", from Rajinikanth to the Himalayas to Bill Gates to his cottage where these people spend their time cud chewing on the various thoughts that need to get sorted out

And what about me?

I found my secret place in the most unlikeliest of places, the crowded city bus. Using public transport has long been a norm for me with lengthy bus rides becoming an almost a daily routine. Maybe man is made to adapt to his surroundings which is why I probably was able to make what should be a torturous journey filled with smelly armpits, swearing and petty fights into a "secret place" where I can be undisturbed with my thoughts, away from the change inducing stimulus of everyday life.

P.S. I stay away from fights

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  1. Amazing. I'm not sure if you can call this a secret place but I find walking down noisy, crowded roads the best environment to think.