Dark Circle

Hey All!

What few song's I've made finally found their way to the net

You can listen to them here



  1. hey nice music!! U made it?? is it played by ur band??

  2. lol, you have 1 friend tom.. haha.
    so you finally figured fruity loops out huh? hrd some of ray of light, nice ambient effects.

  3. @Eesha: Thanks for checking it out! I don't really have a band. Its all just me :D

    @Aniket: I don't really wanna be friends with anyone on MySpace. At least until I get better quality music up there... some time......

    N none of those songs were made with fruity loops. Everything done on the synth only. No midi controllers either.. everything's been done with in - built effects.

    Thanks for checking out ray of light.. its supposed to be a 'funny' song.. inspired by a 'funny' friend of mine.. hence the weirdness xD

  4. @smilingassassin: Wow man! Thanks for the comment. We all care about what you would not want to do.