Is India Really a Cricket Crazy Nation?

As I walked past Forum mall in B'lore one afternoon I couldn't help but notice a man wearing a Mumbai Indians T-Shirt that had a picture of Sachin Tendulkar with the caption 'God is with us'. Well of course Sachin is God, for this is India after all Cricket is a religion here.

Everybody seems to know everything about Cricket, be it the latest stats, gossip and even the technicalities of how the Duckworth-Louis system works. Many a time I've seen people discussing how a bowler bowled a full toss and lost the match, or a batsman got "LBW'ed" in such an amateaurish way etc etc.

Once a friend of mine took a Cricket ball out of his bag (he was in the college cricket team) and some of the responses were:

Random Chap 1: Aren't cricket balls white in colour?
Random Chap 2: (Picking it up) Shit man, this is hard. It can break the bones in your body
Random Chap 3: Dai, be careful. Don't abdomen guards spread AIDS (o.O)

And these are the folks that comment about every ball that is bowled, every wicket every taken and every decision made by a captain. But the truth of the matter is that they have no clue what they are talking about. Out of the 100% of cricket fans in the country, only about 3-5 % would have ever played with a cricket ball EVER! And that makes the game into something completely different(Trust me, I played cricket with a CRICKET BALL for 6 years) than when played in the gully with a measly Rs.20/- tennis ball. When a batsmens wear the pads, gloves and helmet his entire body physics changes. Bowling with the Cricket ball is as different as bowling with a tennis ball as a stock market is different form your vegetable market.

India isn't a Cricket crazy nation, it only THINKS it is.


  1. why do you have to be a pro to be a fan? knowing the rules is sufficient I feel to comment on players performance and analyze a game.

  2. Doesn't it feel like blasphemy? I didn't mean that one has to be a pro, its just that people who have never even touched a cricket ball in their lives comment about in-swinging yorkers and the such. Ok, granted you do have the 'right' to talk, discuss and analyze. But in the end if they take their own opinions I think they are retarded cuz they have no idea what they are talking about. I am talking more about the fanatics of the game...

  3. you dont need to have handled a ball to spot a good or bad ball. Besides the commentators and 'experts' are there to tell you how he should have bowled in case there s been a mistake. Dont you agree?

    Are you saying because people think they are cricket-crazy they pass meaningless comments to reinforce the stereotype? But as they are meaningless India cant be cricket crazy?

    Yet india is c-crazy. So many watch it.

  4. I tend to agree with megalo here ...

  5. "Yet india is c-crazy. So many watch it"

    Megalo _/\_

  6. @Megalo I have no idea what you mean by 'stereotype'. And the commentators and experts are only making the viewer feel intelligent and well informed when in reality they have no clue what even the experts really mean.

    Talking, analyzing and passing judgement is worlds apart from actually doing something and getting your hands dirty. Thats the generalized issue over here.

    What really annoys me is that people take their opinions seriously even though they ought to know that all they have is second hand knowledge and many times is imperfect. That is very very annoying.

  7. best analogy. If you watch Po** and think you know what having sex is like, ur f'cking retarded

  8. Why souldn't they? Aren't Brazilians footbal crazy?! :-D

  9. Guess they are. But its not hard to play football on the street and understand at least 60% of what the players on the field are going through. Its quite a different thing when playing cricket with a tennis ball, without wearing pads and gloves and imagining oneself to be Sachin Tendulkar playing against Pakistan with the bowler bowling using a cork ball..

  10. here is from a guy who has played cricket less that the number he can count using his fingers without repeating any: I think what uc said is true in the sense that people say n no of things players should have done in a specific situation when they do not even understand the body dynamics and the disposition a cricketer is put into with the mounting pressure, the extra add ons such as gloves, pads, helmets etc. Every one has his/her day and you cant expect everyone to do well always. If the country loses, instead of making a huge fuss about it, jus let it pass and hope the next one goes well. No one can really win always. It is jus that we shudnt be over critical when we ourselves have never been in their position. Ofcourse all rules can be broken if the loss is attributed to non-cricketing reasons! wat say UC?

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