Teachers and their dearth thereof

I would love to be a teacher. There is probably not a more noble profession than that of teaching where the future of the coming generation in entrusted into your hands. It is said that the knowledge that we gain from our forefathers is our greatest treasure (read for me as Newton's laws etc) and for the guiding principles of our daily lives. How than is such an important conduit, that connects the past to our future so less thought about and respected.
I guess its because the profession has very little glamour and hence pay. Teachers find it extremely difficult to maintain a family on their individual earnings and tend to take tuitions in their after hours. This in turn MIGHT cause them to teach badly in their respective schools, there by upping the demand for these tuitions. This leads to a spiralling effect where student from school A go to a tuition by a teacher from school B and vice versa for the students of school B.

Guess this noble profession has been brought to its knees by the power of money. Surely, the best teachers are living the professiona only to be reaplaced by individuals in need of ANY form of employment. Maybe its high time the state enforced teaching duties to its more well educated citizens. 

In the midst of all this, at least let the children not suffer.....


  1. An inspiring teacher is often all one needs to make the student want to work. I ve had many of them. Regarding, the economics related to the profession you have raised, I think it s the flaw in capitalistic principles of demand and supply being thrusted on schools. Teachers are more than a work force. They are artists who sculpt and paint the young minds. BTW, I think you ll make a pretty good teacher.

  2. i initially wanted to go by the blog as an unopinionated reader against my wishes but i here i am commenting on ur blog..
    i have some random comments to say..
    i find the teacher that you are talking abt,associated with the authority...
    authority sucks , it dulls the mind , it makes you mechanical and automatic..
    you talk abt knowledge being the greatest treasure and all,but personally i find that knowledge as something dead - a burden that prevents you from enjoying the present- cos u have prior knowledge abt something u tend to try and integrate what u observe to the prior knowledge in a non contradictoy manner- which prevents you from enjoying the moment..

    one of the duties of the teacher that you are talking abt is to impart the art of self-discipline which i perceive is the greatest crime that a person can do...

    and ya.. thats abt it!! now is teaching a noble profession?? O.o

  3. @anon,
    your premise is that authority and discipline is wrong. Wrong = mechanical & automatic.. when you say mechanical is bad, think of the ideal situation in which u r not controlling anything and what is the child going to be ..

    I think there should be a clear statement on the reference from which you are going to judge the child and what would the best child be like...do u want him to be more creative or something?

    The other starting point of your argument was that the teacher was 'associated' with authority..Is it completely true? Do you mean authority is controlling too much? or jus giving commands and making them work..

    non-contradictory learning = not 'enjoying' the moment( how are both related)...so dont u say that critical learning is enjoying the moment...i think u probably meant something else...and enjoyment is a very very subjective word...so looks like purpose of life is 'enjoyment'?

    Learning process as currently understood is this: take the natural eg of language learning.. the child starts repeating words it hears in the environment...then forms usual sentences spoken by people.. finally there is the process of synthesis where the man can speak some profound and insightful sentences..

    So, if we abstracts this process to general learning...jumping to synthesis by questioning when he hasnt even understood what has been said before is sort of premature isn't it? or lets say the previous knowledge is non sense..doesn't it have to be read to be proven as nonsense? ok..lets say knowledge itself shldn't be given to pupils like u said..then there is no improvement...then man is not in control...then animals = man...I wld not prefer that condition...maybe u do..

  4. Dear anon
    I am talking about ur school teacher. Not about an ashram based philosophy school..

    isn't not having self discipline a crime as well? Deliberately un-disciplining onself is also a form of disciplining. The rational is natures gift to us, going against discipline (and its greatest creation-logic) is like going nature itself..

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  6. @UC,
    i understand that you are talking abt the school teacher only...
    wht i said was only applicable to school teachers.. teachers come in the form of friends,and in so many other forms..these do not apply to them..
    this teacher-that u were referring to in the blog- is the third person(next to parents) who symbolise a form of authority in the child's life-an authority that forces the child's mind to conform to the established patterns of thought ..
    and it is in following this pattern the child's conduct and thinking becomes mechanical , our responses automatic..the child at the end of the day learns how to live on what is being told, how to be satisfied from what is being told...
    what is being told dictates the child's inclinations , its tendencies,.. at the end , the child is nothing but a result of all kinds of influences and there is nothing new , nothing original , nothing pristine..

    now coming to knowledge.. i dont deny its use.. but have you realized at some point of time when you wanted to change (because of your own inadequacy etc .etc..) that the greatest difficulty comes in the form of an inward authority- the authority of our own particular little experiences and accumulated opinions, knowledge, ideas and ideals??
    by this authority i refer to the lessons we learnt from our experiences.. wht i tried to say was when we look at the present with the dead authority of yesterday , we fail to understand the living moment to the fullest extent...
    so isnt knowledge- a dead authority of yesterday a bane that way?.. correct me if u feel that i am wrong..

    @ megalo-
    I had subtly given my definition of learning process as "integrating what u observe to the prior knowledge in a non contradictoy manner".. i don't deny the use of prior knowledge.. what i intended t o talk about was the inward authority that the knowledge brings on to us which does harm (as explained above)..

    also please try to see the meaning in the full sentence "non contradictory manner".. never did i mention that non-contradictory learning = not 'enjoying' the moment....

    i also have no intention of .. rather i dont know enuf to make statements on " the reference from which you are going to judge the child and what would the best child be like..."
    plus i'm inexperienced and not blessed like you to "imagine the ideal situation in which u r not controlling anything and what is the child going to be .."
    so if u care please explain your vision of that situation .. and substantiate it with your reasoning.. lets talk abt that later..but that kinda away from the point of this blog...

  7. i'm not the same anon as above.where do you know this .untitled. chick from?she writes nice poems.

  8. @new anon: Randomly. yep, the poems sure are nice!:)

  9. Very true SB. I have always wondered why India alone neglects the pulled down economical condition of teachers who are the major source of knowledge for the young generation. Who would choose to become one. Only those who are very much passionate towards imparting knowledge. But already big MNCs have attracted X teachers to their training departments. Job is easier with excellent remuneration. Who cares for the lack of true knowledge in the near future. Kids have already started to feel worse going to school/college. The government should know that the best education can happen only with the help of dedicated teaching out of satisfying pay.