Kulir 100: The greatest movie ending ever

... the hero walks with blood shot eyes. The wind is blowing hard, time stands still and the people in the neighbourhood look at him with a mixture of shock and pity. The hero has just murdered 3 people and returns home to find his mother dead.. by a traffic accident.. sure Karma can be a bitch.... unable to handle the tragedy, the lonely hero walks down the road.....

K-sama:"Macha, I think he's gonna commit suicide ..."
Me:"Ille da, I think he'll go and turn himself in at the police station..."
Vinay:"Ya da, exactly.. even I think so...."

... the lonely hero walks down the road, the wind in his face, with blood shot eyes. Thunder strikes, tears stream down his eyes and the camera focuses on them. The tragic loss of a mother is an unsurmountable grief of course and the hero's pain is great.. so great that THUNK! The hero walks right into a telephone pole and falls down...

and then we see


and the movie ended o.O