Piece Of Mind

Let me start with a premise here: "If there is something important that you stopped paying attention to, then what you care about has become stable, taken for granted or has become obsolete"

With this is mind, I would like to bring to your attention the attitude of today's youth towards politics. Most of us don't care about it, universally dubbing anything remotely related to politics as being "corrupt" or "inefficient". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the only age in history where the YOUTH have started to NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS. Be it during the time of Hitler, Marxism our our very own struggle for freedom, it was the youth that was the backbone of the political process.

So, if we do not care about the political process and carelessly assign negative attributes to create excuses for our ignorance... going by my initial premise, have we not created paradise??

Have we reached a stable political climate (Looking at it in a long term and philosophical perspective and not taking into account the squabbles of the political parties..) where the common man is (generally) satisfied with the government to take it for granted. Has democracy won???

Phew, that's as short as I can make it. This can be an endless issue otherwise..

[Note: Politics is never perfect and probably never will be. So long as people are dying of hunger, diseases and for the sake of ideologies, struggles for power will exits. But I think we are more or less on the right track. I do also sincerely believe that the youth have to be interested in politics in order to keep a check on those in power. Its a rule BY the People and FOR the PEOPLE after all]


  1. I agree.
    one should reach at the root cause as to why youht is disinterested in politics.

    I feel tat it should be taught as a compoulsary sub in schools from the grass root level.
    Apart from tat,instead of coming in direct polictics,one can work indirectly as in eliminating the dirty college politics and injecting a fresh air of polictics in the system.

  2. Well, I think the youth are NOT reaching into politics because

    1. No inspirational leader behind whom to can rally.

    2. Fear of becoming 'evil' and engaging in immoral activities once into politics.

    3. The idea that politics is irrelevant and removed from everyday life.

    And yes, petty politics always sucks and is counter-productive to the system

  3. I think why youth (read 'we') don't consider politics is because it is not seen as a valid "career option". But things are not as bad as it sounds. Organisations like 'jaago re' are reaching out to more and more people. And heck, we have an IIM grad interning with BJP now!

  4. any plans to enter d scene n change d whole system? :D

    hmmm.. its high time v realized our role in dis!

  5. Hmmm @ RB .. it is true that the youth are not looking upon it as a career option. When u look at it from that perspective guess factors such as salary and job security come into the picture.. but when the life of you and your family are threatened (at least thats my view of politicians to be linked to goonda's to some extent) I doubt if the money would matter...

  6. @butlerji: I don't have plans of entering the system.. no thank you.. I'm scared of politicians.. seriously..

    Individually, I beleive what we should do is be aware of what the govt is doing and vote accordingly. That alone should be enough....