Is India's disunity actually a source of strength?

[Note: What I have written is just an idea. I do not personally believe that inaction of any sort is a good thing. But coming from an economics background I cannot but resist this train of logic]

There was a recent article in the Economic Times about how unstable India's borders really are. There is the long drawn LTTE conflict in Sri Lanka, the rebellion in Bangladesh, Pakistan's shaky democracy, Maoist Nepal and last but not the least China's long dark shadow. Inspite of such a chaotic border, terrorism and various other problems, India is stil managing good economic growth. And good economic growth is a sure sign of stabilty both politically and socially.

How then is India managing inspite of all these problems? What is it that keeps people moving even with such tough obstacles? One of the factors, at least to my mind, is the extreme diversity that India possesses. The attitude of "Someone else's problem" may actually be a good thing here with each individual caring more for their own locality and community. Even if there is a problem in some part of India, the rest of the nation does not pick sides and take up arms for a cause, rather it goes on surviving and building a better tomorrow. It is probably this attitude that stopped the Gujrat riots from spreading all over the country, or the Tamil agitations leading to a fall of the central government. Why! people in the north have no idea what the whole Tamil movement was about!!!

India is a country where the local language changes every 400 kilometers and an emotional and cultural integration is almost an impossibility. But the common thread binding such a diverse collection of people is the idea of a stable and free India. Whatever the problem may be, the Indian psyche is programmed to accept that it shall soon pass and that tomorrow will be a better day. It may be that the day this complacency breaks is the day when true paranoia will spread among the masses and the riots that Gandhiji and others were fearful of, during the time of partition will truly unleash itself.
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  1. why is it that u prefer our country to be less caring abt each other than we already are?? not knowing abt ur next state's problem only shows utter disregard and disinterest in ur fellow being's problem

  2. yes, what you say is absolutely correct.
    however, statistically speaking "Too many cooks spoil the broth" .. which might be a very important factor in view of India's stability ...

    If every state worried about every other state's affairs (and actually did something about it) the chaos and confusion arising out of that would simply be unmanageable

  3. First things first, as an Indian, please change the map that you have put on your blog. hate to see parts of our kashmir in pakistan.

    unless you want to attract criticism for the wrong reasons.