Gandhiji And Pakistan

As a little child completely head over heels in love with cricket, a rare book by Vijay Merchant was a huge treat. And there was a story in the book that I will never forget....

Once Vijay Merchant had played a cricket match against the British which Ghandhiji had attended. At the end of the match, the entire Indian team had a chance to meet Ghandiji. Now, it so happened that Vijay Merchant's sister had asked him to get the autographs of the English team, which he had done. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of taking Ghandhiji's autograph as well, Merchant gave the same book to Ghandhiji to sign.

On receiving the book, Ghandhiji casually flipped through the book and on finding the autographs of the English players, listed himself as an additional member of the English cricket team and wrote his signature there. He told merchant that he wanted people to understand the difference between the British people and the British government. He brought to light that his struggle was only against the British government and its policies and not against the common folk of Britain.

Maybe it is important for us to have the same attitude towards Pakistanis...


  1. That's so true!!

  2. Mention to any pakistani abt the word INIDA,bet ull find all of eminem's swear words as opinions..IF we alone are clean,tis of no use.

  3. That was a nice analogy of sorts,...
    Anyways the British folks as you say where racists, but many were not anti-INDIAN, as in they were not for the internal disturbance. Whereas in Pakistan, it is taught to school students that "INDIA WAS A PART OF PAKISTAN PRE-INDEPENDENCE". Tolerance at this level may prove to be dangerous, and finally they may end up hitting us from the back...

  4. Hmmm, so say we should also say "Kill the Pakistanis!". I seriously do NOT think so. I had a Pakistani friend with whom I was in touch with for quite a while and the Pakistani people seem pretty normal and decent. What you are referring to is probably what they teach in Terrorists schools.

    Furthermore, people can have whatever views they want. But it is the entities that put fuel to the fire in the forms of weapons and money are the ones that have to be destroyed.

    And lastly and most importantly, there must be no information censorship. The public in both the countries ought to be able to form truthful opinions on their own. But it is obvious that both governments do not believe that the people are intelligent enough to form a 'practical' opinion, which is another issue in itself alltogether.........

  5. A nice story, not unlike the recent 'autograph arudi' one.

    On a serious note, I think the talk by younis khan after the recent attack on srilankan team in pakistan just re-iterates the point- there too,the people are victims of somebody's actions. They too more than anything would like to meet,know people.

  6. Well said...I am sure there are so many people there who go about their lives just like us.

    They mean no harm for us.


  7. @Leo: Completely Agree..

    @RB: Completely Agree again...