Advertisement for the New Generation

"Their advertising in the sky, for people like us...." sang Bono in U2's hit 'City of Blinding Lights' echoing the thoughts of every city (and a few villages as well of course) dweller. Everywhere you look there are billboards, posters, plackards, signboards and neons. Like it or not, advertising is a mainstay of modern Capitalism.

Now, think about this. Have you ever been on a long train journey and at some point been forced to stare out the window with nothing to do but gaze at the trees whizzing past you?? Do you remember ever tree you see?? Of course not!!!

Its becomeing the same case with advertisements these days. For a generation accalimatised to being surrounded by advertisements since a young age, our minds have learnt to simply and efficiently block out the excess information. Its really like getting used to the cold water of a shower a few moments after you get into it. Your body learns to adapt to the new environment..

Try this; The next time you finish watching a TV show, try to recollect the ad's that you saw. My guess is that you can't remember more than 4-7% of them. 

So is the extra money spent on advertisement really worth it? Maybe the entire concept of advertisement has to be revamped for the modern customer...


  1. Ofcourse it's worth it.. Think about it this way.. since you can only remember 5% of the ads you see, they need to come up with really awesome concepts that leaves an impression on the viewers..

    For ex the Kya aap close up karte hai jingle.. or the Aamir Khan's Thanda matlab Coca Cola ads.. Need a lot of thinking!

    More the ads, more the need to invest to make differe ads!

  2. Ah! yea, true.. but is the ROI on conventional ad's worth it. Monetarily i.e....but I was thinking more in terms of viral marketing or spreading information about products by word of mouth. Many companies have based their entire marketing strategy based on such concepts.

    Another sad thing doing the rounds is prestige. If a companies advertisements reduce, its perceived that the company isn't doing well which works against it.

  3. An other perspective to this.U see umpteen number of ads,each for a different product.When,you shop,a list of brands for A product lays stacked and wat hits yr eyes are not all the brand but those of the ads, registered in yr sub conscious,as gp said"its yr subtle mind they r targeting",even if u dont take note,by repetition,its a mantra u recite!!

  4. Ok, but being bombarded from a young age, EVEN the subconscious mind itself would have branded these advertisements as 'Junk'. That's really what this whole post is about!!

  5. hmm... thing is ppl are bound to get desensitized to whatever form of marketing gimicks you throw at them, so the only solution remains is to constantly reinvent marketing strategies(from the core), till doomsday.

  6. Some ads are so crappy that they leave an indelible impression on you. The latest one is: "one K or 2 K, life will be OK!" Who would have known about "Dandi namak" if not for its silly add ? And then there is this series of adds from government agencies which generally take the brunt of ridicule(Jaago grahak jaago?). To some degree, I agree that adds need to 'stand apart' to make an impression.

    I also believe a barrage of adds, especially during instances like cricket matches have an effect. The reason you and other young minds might reject them as junk is because there are non-relevant ones like LIC jeevan suraksha, bajaj allianz capital, ambuja cement, mrf tyres, etc.

  7. @RB: U'r probably right. Irrelevance is a big issue. But the proportion of the number of adds you see vs. the number you actually react (even give an extra thought about) is stupendously high.. making it almost ridiculous. Blade Runner city.. here we come!!

    @This Is The Life: Yep! Else quite a few people would be out of jobs wouldn't they??