All Nightmare Long

Death Magnetic - The new album by Rick Rubin, oh yes of course.. in collaboration with Metallica. The Gods of Metal's new album since 2003's St.Anger (It actually won a Grammy and went double platinum.. thanks to me as well.. I bought the tape, yes tape.. I never went through the CD phase.. directly shifted from tapes to illegal mp3's like most Indians \m/)

Anyway, do I like Death Magnetic?? I don't know. Do I think it will be a hit? I don't know.

But I do know this...

1) Lyrics suck
2) Solo's suck
3) The sound absolutely lacks any feeling at all.

Metallica's music always lay in the guitars. The vocals were never the main instrument for them to 'communicate' music.. it was the freaking guitars. And in Death Magnetic.. they seem to have thrashed it.. all for just one thing.. thrash.. yes, 'Thrash Metal' to be precise.....

I'm not going into a song-by-song breaking down of the album for I'm sure you can find many other reviews for stuff like that. But I'd like to make one observation - The songs sound like a 'cut and paste' mashup of riffs that could have been the fulcrum for a number of great songs.

Even St.Anger had Metallica's soul in it.. but this one? No way!! There's no Master Of Puppets Solo, no songs that build like 'One' .. and Unforgiven III ... LOL!!!!!!!!! Suicide and Redemption doesn't sound anywhere as inspired as Call Of Ktulu, Orion or To Live Is To Die.. I really wonder why Kirk is so reluctant to hit any high notes in his solos...

Poor Metallica, getting all beaten and kicked over by pig-headed fans who fail to accept that all great bands have to progress ( Guess no one complained when The Beatles stopped making love ballads and released St.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club.. a psychedelic experiment.. yea and that was mainstream them...). So what's wrong with Metallica making Load and Re-load.. if you don't like the music, don't buy it for metals sake....

If Death Magnetic sucks so bad.. I'd blame you.. THE FAN, for killing Metallica. Stop telling them to make music YOU want to listen to.. listen to music for what it really is. Maybe Death Magnetic would have a couple of songs with lyrics about love and fatherhood, but at least it would have been honest music.. not manufactured shit like Death Magnetic... Metallica sound like a band being forced to make the music that they so want to run away from...

"...The Slave Becomes The Master..." - James Hetfield, in the song 'End Of The Line'

But its Metallica, and I'm still going to listen to the album because "Free Speech For The Dumb" was one of the most liberating experience I ever had way back in Class VII. When all you could see and hear around you was the Backstreet Boys the song simply blew me away (and did I mention that it has the F word in it as well??) Metallica's been a part of my life ever since. The least I owe them is a good listen....

Oh, n btw.. 'All Nightmare Long' is probably the best song on the album for me at this point...

What rubbish have I written? This was supposed to be an album review.. fckkk......


  1. haha a totally different view from what I had. I thought the album was pretty darn good for a comeback.
    my reviews on my blog,

  2. Dude.. I think I have to take all that back.. I think I fell in love with DM on the 5th listen.. fckkk.. i still love THRASH METAL.. the prog feel to the album is nice..

  3. LOL I knew it!!
    and im sure sharanyan loves it too by now. But being the dickhead that he is, he wont admit it hahaha

  4. Yea, It'll hunt him down all nightmare long \\m//

  5. "Directly shifted from tapes to illegal mp3's like most Indians " !!!!

    Ur views are just ***** like the album ! lol

    I wont judge da legends ... but its 'All Nightmare Long'

    Go and buy da CD u leecher !!!

  6. My views are what? N dude, how can u not judge music? U either like it or u don't.. nd i WON'T buy their CD.. let them play some shows over here first..

  7. How can you judge music when you blame the fans for death magnetic's "lack of feeling" by doing the same? Well i do have the feeling that your comments have hypocrisy written all over them.

    You either like it or you dont. Dont put it up on your blog in an offensive way "lyrics suck, solos' suck, your mom sucks" You're entitled to your own opinion but dont portray it as a universal one.

    It actually won a Grammy and went double platinum.. thanks to me as well.. I bought the tape, yes tape.. I never went through the CD phase.. directly shifted from tapes to illegal mp3's like most Indians

    Why are you even followin the grammy awards when they're judging these guys and not accepting their music as it is? Illegal mp3's like most indians? How many non-indians are using genuine windows?

    Nice 0 manners.

  8. After the all of the issues created by St. Anger this album kicks ass. Totally put Metallica back on the pedistal where they belong. This songs are back to what made them legends and im lovin death magnetic.

  9. @your dad

    I wrote the entry after just a few listen of the album. The comments are a few days later during which I grew to like the album. As the album has a more progressive feel to it, it does take time to grow to appreciate the songs. At least for me.

    I never said not to judge music, of course I do that as well. But artists need to be allowed to progress as they want to. I actually do love Load and Re-Load and think they are great albums even though they may not be 'metal'.

    The part about 'fan bashing' goes like this -
    " All artists have to answer to their record companies. And record companies force bands to play music that the fans like so as to sell records. As most fans are unable to appreciate their later music, the record company wanted them to produce 'thrash metal' albums, not allowing full creative liberties to Metallica. And if you believe that Metallica are at fault here, then tell me some successful band who does not want to make money? Sometimes it just might be better to quit when one is ahead which is what Metallica ought to have done. But they had a contract with their record company to make one more album and the result of that is Death Magnetic."

    Get your facts right 1st.

    And I can write what i want on my blog. They are universal to me. And if you think I am contributing to the 'bitching' about Metallica by telling people to actually stop bitching about them.. then yes this blog entry is hypocrisy. But some one had to write about it..

    Abt the Grammy's- that part was supposed to be sarcastic.

    Abt Indians and mp3's - Stop thinking so much. It was just a random thought in my head that I typed. It had no significance.

  10. hahahahahaha the last time i owned you so hard was after tuition in 11th some talk about "being westernised" which you started ofcourse. OMFG man you jus made my day :D

    (Get your facts right 1st.)

    What facts ? I stated no facts i jus gave you my opinion...

    It wasnt a random thought it was a stupid idea to make yourself look like a funny guy and increase the popularity of your blog. But well as long as it didnt mean letting down your countrymen :D

    You can write what you want on your blog, hahaha.
    C'mon UC dont get offended jus havin some fun xD.You know i live on sadistic pleasure :D.

    Well gettin back to the topic, my fav songs are Unforgiven 3, That was jus your life and cyanide

  11. Bout your mom? Yeh :D

  12. just saw the lil dig maniac took at me. for the record, i heard DM again. for like the 4th or 5th time. and it sucks. sorry. just does. first review of it says it all. they start off well enough. and then stuff so much of it down your throat you puke all over their shoes. WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY too long. not nearly fun enough. sad piece of shit given its coming from the generally acknowledged "gods of metal".

  13. It's funny... People who have never produced anything greater than the pimples on their ass feel the need to slash and burn the creative work of others.

    Some of you need to seek professional counseling (lol) for your pessimistic tendencies to publicly piss and moan.

    It's a great album.

  14. dude, totally true. Metallica used to be all about the metal, now some fuckheads decided to soften them up! i have to admit, death magnetic has a few good songs in it, but seriously. nothing they have now compares to any of the awesome songs they made before, that made them, to me, metal gods! i may only be 16, but there's no reason why someone young as me, can't appreciate that metallica is an awesome band, rather than someone whose been with them since the start. what i'm really trying to say is, don't fuck with metallica, and maybe help them out instead of complaining on how bad they sound now.

    -Jeremy Garcia, Elgin, TX.

  15. Its been almost 3 months since heard DM for the first time. And I've been listening to it on and off, and my view about the album hasn't changed much at all. It IS a good album, but definitely not awesome or great. The album as such isn't much bigger than the sum total of the songs. And I find Kirk really really disappointing. I remember him saying in Some kinda monster that he's bored of solos, maybe thats why they don't sound so inspired. Even Lars's drumming doesn't sound inspired. Mebbe they spent too long on the album... bah, gues we'll nvr know. Nor Do I think Metallica cares cuz the albums doing well. But I really would like to hear the guitar hero version of the songs without the sound being re-engineered to sound 'louder'...

  16. UC this is vishal here. I love your black hairy balls :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  17. *sigh* metallica definitely poured their hearts out to put together an album for u fans 2 enjoy. but sum of u fans bash it as if they didn't ake an effort to make u happy! so ungrateful! look, if u dont like it dont listen 2 it, end of story!!