The Thing About 1 PM

Peak hour traffic has its own intrinsic beauty. Peak hour is defined as that time of the day when the normal traffic rules break down. Its that time when driving on the right side of the road (for short distances of course!!) is permissible by even the cops. Its that time when the idiot talking on his cell phone can easily cross the busiest of streets without carrying out the standard ritual of "Look first to your right, then to your left" thanks to the.. well.. stand still traffic. People are also at their most charitable with advices and warnings such as "Otha, pathu po da poramboku" and "Right indicator pota epome right poga mudiyadu pa, ivalo traffic alle right turn kuda panna mudiyade", only to give you the most warm and sheepish smile when you meet them at the next traffic signal. The unwritten law of live and let live is also highly prevalent where cars give way to little scooters (to avoid getting their cars scratched by those squirmy dolts) and where buses give way to cars (well, simply because they don't have a choice really.. its a bloody bus in peak hour traffic, they can hardly move!). And you find yourself reaching your destination, a bit late maybe, but with very very less risk of getting killed due to the low speeds involved with peak hour travel.

N then there's 1 PM

The same person who might give you valuable advice during peak hour would zip past you at relativistic speeds with no thought about your safety. Driver's rarely honk, or even look in the rear view mirror. 1 PM is a very dangerous time to be driving, thanks to the high speeds involved.

The problem is this->
-1. Most offices have their lunch hours from 1PM -2PM

0. Most wives/husbands and/or mothers (& daddys!?) are too busy to cook food for their spouses and/or kids (pls don't question me about grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts.........)

1. Most people believe that the roads are empty at 1PM which is never the case

2. Most people believe that 1PM is the time at which they can travel at break-neck speeds, and nobody else would be doing that

3. Most people are too f'ckin hungry to care about traffic rules

4. Most people are too f'ckin busy trying to run away from the SUN (GM Global warming) than pay attention to their own safety

Peak hour traffik \m/


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  2. the pics r of peak hour traffic!!

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  7. making a deal out of the oblivious is a virtue :)