Me, Myself (Irene... Where Are You???)

Myself: zzzzzz, waa?? zzzzzz

Me: Stay awake, it doesn't look nice...

Myself: He's talking crap, I wanna sleep.. sleep is good. Re-wires your head, makes you more intelligent and improves memory and creativity. How about trying some lucid dreaming right now??

Me: No way!! wake up.. falling asleep when someone is talking is just plain wrong. You're insulting the guy you know. You're not that smart yourself...

Myself: Whatever, dai.. this guy is talking shit. Why is he teaching you to install an OS. You already know this crap.

Me: True, should I tell him that I know all this? Oooh! How about if i show off!?? Tell him that I know all about virtual machines, I used VMWare and stuff? What do you think?

Myself: Whateva, either you do something exciting or am gonna fall asleep and take you with me

Me: Alright, here goes...

Myself: Well........??

Me: Ummm, he looks so happy explaining it. Seems to be having a ball.. who knows, I might actually learn something.

Myself:Ok, he does look passionate about installing the OS, but learn something? WTF?? Do you know how irrational what you are saying is??

Me: Yea, what you say is true indeed. So....? Do I tell him to move on.

Myself: Hmmm, That'll require a jolt of energy and I am too happy now, in this half dreamy state..

Me: But this'll be a waste of my time otherwise

Myself: Next time, I swear... we'll speak our mind out. Next time no hesitation OK? Just leave it this time...

Me: Hmmm, sure.. next time.. surely??

Myself: Yea, surely.. now how many times have we been here before?

Me: Many I guess.. we sure suck...

Myself: We sure do... yep, we suck...

Me: So, next time.. no hesitations. I want your full support. We'll pick a fight with an annoying shopkeeper, talk to a random hot chick and ask her out, show the finger to someone who thinks they are smarter than us but isn't, get on with spirituality and all that other shit....??

Myself: Sure.. next time.....(Whisperingly) you wish.....


  1. lovely piece of writing! cud relate with every word u rote there..
    a.i talk with myself a lot and self debate b4 doing sumthing
    b.mostly by the time i decide the moment passes... so iuse the debate as excuse to let the moment pass
    so that i dont have to react and can spare the guilt
    c.even if the moment dusnt passs.. i decide for the next time...
    its intereting how u can get the little things on paper!bravo! :)

  2. ^^^^ u meant "how u can get the little things on the blog! bravo! :) )
    rite?! :P :P

    @UC.. nicely written.. or typed! (before someONE cavils my abv observation! :D)

  3. cavils? U started CAT prep already??

  4. that was good pep talk.. I have that all the time.. he he !! Thanks for passing by my blog..