The Honk and The Yawn

A Honk is one of the most common sounds a city-dweller gets to hear. Especially if you live at the junction of many roads, the honks coming in from various directions seem to almost behave like a music instrument with 4.0 surround sounds. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but there was this 1 advertisement where auto drivers create music just by honking, or was that some movie? Blah


The honk....

The thing is, honking behaves a lot like yawning, especially at signals when there is a HUGE line of traffic, the light just turns green and the big-ass truck blocking every one's way refuses to budge. A simple lil honk from the last vehicle in line becomes a deluge of honk's from every other vehicle waiting in line!! Its not that the poor truck wants to not move. Whats the point in honking anyway?

Common points between the 2

1. Both are contagious

2. Both arrive out of a sense of desperation (Yawning:Sleep :: Honking:"Get the f*** outta my way)

3. Both are extremely addictive, you do it once and u'll want to do it again n again for that session at least

4. Both are evil and annoying


The yawn...

P.S. I found this when I googled 'You'.. muhahahahahahahahahaha!!