The Great Debate


A much debated question in TN is about who is a better .. whatever.. actor, crowd puller, mass entertainer, highest grosser.. it doesn't really matter. The Question asked is always "Machi, Kamal a Rajini a? yaru da gr8er?" There are people who would question me as to why I put up Kamal's pic 1st and then Rajini, but I would like to pacify those people with the fact that K come's before R (no hidden meaning attached again) in the English alphabet and that being the only reason.

Anyway, the paranoia in me reched new heights during the 1st few scenes of Kamal Hassan's magnum opus (when the bloody hell will Marudanayakan release??) 'Dasavatharam' where the Shaivite king resembled Rajinikanth to a large extent. To me it looked like a direct jab at Rajinikanth, wherein the shaivite king with his supporters (ie Rajini and fans) had subjugated Kamal and his fans (The Vaishnavites) in the box office due to larger collections by Rajinikanth in the past few years. Furthermore when the king forces Kamal in the movie to say "Om namo shivaiya", to me it seemed like Rajini was telling Kamal to embrace his model of movies, ie mass entertainers. The lyrics of the ensuing song has lines such as "If you feel the stones (poor box office sales = pain) pelting you, you will feel pain" and "If you know God (Film/acting as an art in itself) alone, the stones will not cause you any pain" . Uncompromising till the very end Kamal dies for his cause ie "Good Films" n refuses to succumb to market pressures. But hey, this is just an observation.

My personal opinion is that people who even ask the "Rajini vs Kamal" question ought to be shot in the leg at least twice for not understanding the nature of the 2 artists. To me both actors are great stalwarts of Indian Cinema and should be seen in their own light rather than in comparision, even if the box office may think otherwise. N btw Making mass entertainers that always do well(Heloooooo Vijay!) isn't an easy task.


  1. AMAZING analogies. Lol this is an angle I didn't see at all man. But I'm sure Kamal isn't that shallow! ;-)

  2. i havent watched either.. ofcoruse not because i dont think they r gr8 actors. but i dont have it in me to appreciate the kind of cinema they do! :P

    but i think both of their movies have a share of self-obsession(in their own rights!)and sometimes its more about the actor than the movie(which does not really suit my definitions of gud cinema!

    and yeah! UC since when did audeince ever start thinking logically and reasonably? i would equate this to mammotty vs mohanlal in malyalam or a an srk vs aamir or abhishek vs hrithik in bollywood... its a part of every cinema industry and being a part of rivalry helps u gain more supporters and audience than when u are not a part of it. hence y not be a part of it! after all you the superhero does not lose anything dus he? and if at all anyone loses its the poor little supporter but guess he is too busy to think about all these :P.. maybe if you start looking at cinema form move point of view more and actor point of view less things will get better! :)

  3. Proness. In any movie you got to consider the actors, they play a major part! Bad movies are saved many times just by good acting!!

    @vbk thnx!!

  4. but at the end of the day u call it a bad movie dont u? just like u called it one! :) .. i meant u luk at the completeness of it and not just the actor.. what i meant is... you should cast an actor in the plot you wrote.. not make a plot for the actor you want! thats wen things become slightly unplesant!

  5. dey .. UC... ennadaa ??..... dasavathaaram was .. no is a bad movie..... lets just leave it at that na...:P... congrats on such regular bloggin da... am sure no1 in our immdte circles is capable of dat.......

  6. arey! i loved the movie.. wtf!?
    N bum, i am jobless.. ppl studyin for GRE n crap... n bloggin doesn't give 1 much attention anyway.. not many wud even want to do it..