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[Oh good, u r reading this. nice. now answer my poll. 24 vs LOST]

Blogs with too many crammed sentences seem to suck. Can somehow never get to completely read a single post. Poems suck harder, no 1 understands anything.

There, There

I needed something to watch. I just finished compres which was a real pain in the a**

24 vs LOST

Friend from home will kill himself before he says 24 sucks

Ok, 24 it is

Junior comes into my room and gives a lecture of why LOST is the best show he's ever seen

LOST it is

Jack Bauer is one of my fav characters ever created


LOST-something new

Hmmmmmm...... U can't have ur cake and eat it also. But of what use is the cake when u can't eat it and of what use is the ability to eat a cake when u don't have one (random statement)

Answer: Both

13 hours last sunday

LOST S1, 24 S3

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